MODAUTOPICA proposes an alternate system for the future of fashion, building on Utopian ideals expressed through modernist concepts and art movements throughout history. Zero-waste pattern techniques, natural dye solutions, intricate textile printing and second-hand sourced materials are utilised to discourage mindless consumption and encourage thoughtful ownership, to break through the cyclical paradigm of the industry, bringing back the true artistic value of making and wearing clothes

Katie Jane Sutherland

FLARED PANTS: Made from 100% cotton sateen using a zero-waste technique. All off-cuts were re-purposed into the next look.
WRAP TOP: A size-fluid top constructed in a thrifted remnant of stretch mesh.
VEST BAG: Cotton drill hand-dyed in a natural solution of avocado skins, pits and iron sulphate. Versatile and genderless.
WRAP PINAFORE: A zero-waste design made out of off-cuts from the previous pants. The pieces were hand-painted and topstitched onto an old remnant of cotton poplin. Size adjustable using discarded webbing straps and D-rings.
T-SHIRT: An easy-fitting style featuring adjustable drawstring at cuffs and hem. Made in second-hand cotton jersey and rib remnants.
JEANS: Up-cycled from unwanted cushion covers in a heavy cotton drill. Hand-painted with adjustable waist features.
SHIRT: Constructed completely from thrifted fabrics. The removable front chest pocket doubles as a clutch/ side bag.
COAT: A zero-waste pattern was developed to create this oversized and size-fluid coat. Made in a durable cotton drill, it features various adjustable elements for versatile fits.
PANTS: Easy-fitting skort pants with an adjustable waistband, constructed in a light cotton drill and silk georgette.
SHORTS: A second garment up-cycled from cotton drill cushion covers with thrifted mesh panels.
SWEATER: Made from second-hand remnants and haberdashery. The same hand-painting technique was used from the previous pinafore and jeans.
HOODED BIB: A gender and size-fluid piece constructed in PVC sourced from Reverse Garbage.


I see fashion as a universal language. A fusion of social, cultural and aesthetic elements in the most relatable and authentic form of communication. A physical mechanism of intangible values; a platform for change and innovation.
I want to live in a world where clothing is treasured, its ambiguity celebrated through individual expression. Where exploring one’s identity through dress is a social norm.
I envision designing and creating as a holistic, collaborative process fuelled with thought, emotion and connectedness. My creative practice will cultivate these notions with an open mind, proposing an alternate system for a fashionable Utopia.

1. Fashion will forever be a form of art
2. Garments are to be owned rather than consumed; it is my responsibility to promote this in every piece I make
3. Fashion must be adaptable, for versatility and longevity
4. All dress is androgynous; some may be more appropriate for certain body shapes, but all garments are essentially non-binary
5. Everybody has an intuitive flair; a higher self which we can communicate and share through clothing
6. Mother Nature is a source of guidance and inspiration; we must live in unified harmony to sustain life as intended
7. Transparency through all practices is a non-negotiable
8. Waste must be kept to a minimum; abandoned materials to be utilized first and full liability is to be taken for virgin fibres
9. Sartorial changes are to be made with an intent to innovate
10. Fashion with life, vibrancy and a social narrative will be cherished for eternity

Katie Jane Sutherland

Katie is the designer behind KJS and creator of MODAUTOPICA. Over the course of her degree she has developed a passion to design for a sustainable and connected future, through inspirations of art, history and culture.