The EVERYDAY BEST project aims to create garments that balance function and fashion in design with particular reference to classic sportswear. Classic sportswear design shows a great balance of function and fashion as it is rooted in durability and usability yet also includes appealing fabrication and details which continue to be reinterpreted in contemporary fashion contexts. EVERYDAY BEST is a celebration of good design. It includes great attention to detail in colour planning, branding, sustainable textiles and whimsical references in illustrations and design choices.


Twenty pieces of an EVERYDAY BEST WARDROBE styled into six outfits, check out my website for more and keep a look out for the QUT Graduate Fashion Showcase video to see these looks on the runway!


There is an emphasis on creating good design in all aspects of the collection and this extends to the accessories. The accessories are inspired by sports equipment and the striped bags are made from up-cycled karate belts. For more information on these and to view the stop motion animations of each of them visit on instagram!

Emma Wright

Emma Wright is fashion and product designer. Her work is refined yet whimsical. Within her design practice is attention to details, sustainable fabric sourcing and clever references within design choices. Her brand EVERYDAY BEST celebrates good design through balancing function and fashion in garment and accessory design.